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the artist of bellagio

The ‘feathers’ collection that haunts the artist, encloses the essence of Abele’s artistic philosophy.
The transparency and  the technical virtuosity that brings the matter to a high plastic stress are inherited by the old Masters  typical  of the old continent. The feather, symbol of our time, tacit and silent announces the fragility of our state, is a mirror of an evolved and fragile human personality. Surrealist symbol’s of the ‘Carpe Diem’, that  communicate the human condition, sums up the importance of the concept of the flow of the ‘time‘ that change our fate and our life.

A soft  and elegant sculpture, with baroque and curve shapes, that show the influence that the artist had during his stays in south of Italy and in Venice, and the conceptualism that brings this art close to scientific themes ( the theory about space and time ).

Archetype of depth studies based on the concept of the existence, the basis of his artworks. Only a few are can be revealed.

Symbol of Birth, Fertility and Vitality often used as symbolic element in Abele’s sculptures.

Represent for the artist the alpha and the omega like the primary concept based on the existence and its purpose that change his continuity. Its use comes from specific observations that touch themes connected at DNA and at the life cycle in history.

Even here, we find the principle of the matter and antimatter, as the area of studio identified from the Astrophysicists ‘Event Horizon‘.

lake como sculpture

A conductor on which the whole perception of artistic production is based, becomes an indispensable element in the painting as it is in the sculpture. For Vadacca the volume becomes literally light.

“In these artworks I continue my research, I do my best every day to find techniques to sculpt the light, because it is only in the light that we find the truth” Abele 

Symbol of the human existence, represents the path and the daily challenges of the life, the resolution of the problems until the attainment of  own purposes, that  constantly remembers to Seize  and live the moment : Carpe diem , Panta rhei .

lo scultore di Bellagio

Symbol of the life, of the quiet.   Always in constant  movement and  transformation. Symbol of knowledge and of wisdom . It represents for Abele the  flow of the time and of the things connecting to the beloved concept of Carpe diem to  all of its simbologies is connected. 

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