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Unique artwork

Lost casting wax

Private collection  – Lake Como 

The horse, a theme so loved by the artist, is  a figurative symbol, understandable for everyone, useful to pass deeper meanings and symbolism.

The theme of nativity contains ancestral meanings at the bade of  the evolutionary history of man since ancient times.

The artist make an important reflection, the contemporary era sees the proportional increase of wealthy individualistic societies, afflicted by the loss of values on the importance of the birth rate; with worrying data related to fertility.

The artwork,  symbol of good luck, catches  in time the most important moment the birth and the indissoluble relationship between mother and child, indispensable for the conservation of every living species.

Nativitas is a sweet artwork, but at the same time it represents the strongest bond in the world, through an invisible emotional wire that constantly connect the observer from one sculpture to another.






45 x30 x 20 cm + 15 x 10 x 8 cm