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2021-Il passo dell’alpino

2021-Il passo dell’alpino

Date: September 3, 2021


Date: 2021, 18th September 

Location: Town hall,  Mariano Comense

Inauguration:  Saturday, 18th September  time : 5.30 pm

Inauguration of the public Monument, ” Il passo dell’Alpino, Omnia amor vincit “, made by the sculptor Abele Vadacca at the Municipality of Mariano Comense. Realized for the 90th anniversary of the Alpine Association .

The artwork will remain permanent located in front of the Municipality of Mariano Comense. The artist treat contemporary and current concepts that are the mirror of deep social contents, with the goal of giving the observer constant reflections. The monument can be admired only after the official inauguration. People wonder if the master will bring back also in this sculpture  come elements conncted to feather his  famous symbol.

Abele Vadacca: ‘ It was an honor to be able to make this artwork, at a time when art has become predominantly ‘smaterialized’ or ‘temporary’, this monumento is counter-trend , the will to keep emotions  from the past to excite the present and stimulate the future to reflect, what art has been for millennia. For this reason, and considering this difficult period for the whole society,  I see in this the starting point for a metaphorical “resurrection”. The  artwork speaks of  sense of civilization and respect. 



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