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Omnia Mutantur

Unique artwork/opera unica

The artwork that represents a gigantic wooden feather ( also here evident reference to “feather philosophy”  dear to the artist ) a unique artwork, the union between two pure and unique materials the cedar of Lebanon and white marble. Evident are the symbologies of the flow of the ‘time‘ and  “Carpe Diem”, the feather  laying on a large egg (the perfect geometric shape, symbol of rebirth ) it’s imposing and light at the same time. The sinuous shapes of the feather, with geometric symbols repeated, loved by the artist create infinite plays of light and shadows. The warmth of wood and elegance accompany the sculptural shapes. The white Carrara marble egg resting on a rectangular green stone base that shows a geometric labyrinth with repetitive and concentric shapes. The sculpture is a hymn to the rediscovery of oneself and to the rebirth, which can take place in different moments of our life. The artwork in its 2,5 meters of height is is imposing and strong at the same time, light and elegant, quasi 2,5 metri di altezza è imponente e forteed allo stesso tempo, leggera ed elegante, the feather balance is amazing.

It is a unique masterpiece of aesthetics and concept, which shows manual skills resulting from a craft handed down through the centuries.


. The artist use a Cedar trunk of Lebanon of about 200 years, fall for a storm to make this artwork . 

. The dimension of the feather is amazing, carved in a unique trunk , of about 70 cm in diameter and 200 cm high.





60x90x250 cm