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01. About

Abele Vadacca

” Vero artista, da pittore a scultore attentissimo ai modi e alle forme
Dall’arte Egli non segue mai le ombre Altrui ed è così originale
Che svuota il marmo rendendolo cavo,
Come se fosse immateriale.
E’ bravo Abele – e la sua fama sale e sale”

Giovanni Liscio

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The Italian artistic traditions 

Is an Italian sculptor and painter, he won an Academic Chair, he devoted himself at an early age to the marble sculpture: he get from the old Masters, the typical abilities and techniques of the Old Continent. He work for  national and international public. It exploits with great virtuosity the characteristic of the materials, using science to build machine and technologies that helping him to explore his creativity; bring  with the  manual ability the matter to an extreme lightness and transparency.

He study with attention the shape. Behind is philosophy are hidden metaphysical, oneiric themes and different symbologies.

He believe in the ” Job ” of the artist, in his art even if is contemporary he use Renaissance methods, obsessed by transfiguration from the real.

In the painting series of reflections “Reflex”, born from alchemical studies and from scientific research  ( painted on velvet silk with the dusts of  gold, silver and precious metals that he preserves when he work on his jewels sculptures) he experiment a new technique like new  expression of art. In his artworks, the observer, is individually invited to exploring the painting, that change with the light in a multiplicity of facets. The photography and the videos never give the real idea of these unique collection that can be see only form the human eyes.

Dreamlike and metaphysical, visible and invisble, matter and antimatter are some themes.

One of the recurring themes is the feather: symbol of our time, tacit and silent announces the fragility of our state, is a mirror of an evolved and fragile human personality. Symbol of the ‘Carpe Diem’, that sums up the importance of the concept of the flow of the ‘time’ that change our fate. The research on  shape, space and time, is very important for the artist and bings him close to the most recent scientific history from ‘theory of relativity’ to the discoveries in astrophysics. 

Abele Vadacca, class 1964, student of Floriano Bodini, of Tuscany he  best know Carrara, for not difficult motives to be understood. The marble is his  preferred material ,  and  on the Apuanes he has met and known colleagues of the caliber of Giacomo Manzù and Henry Moore. Of this last he still remembers the humility from artisan teacher that characterized him, united to the attention for the small and little forms of the nature – shells, ecc.- him that is known to the public for certain mastodontic artworks.
Of course, you will look for in vain naturally among the works of Abele direct references to Moore, or to other teachers, because its aesthetical run is absolutely personal. Look, on his web site, all the variations on the already mentioned topic of the feather. 
Look at his monumental artworks , like the beautiful  Maternità. Or to his pictorial works in which every time seems to give in to the temptation to leave the figurative, but at least dive to the figurative remains faithful, not without giving new shape to its forms that results in completely new interpretations.”
Paolo Marini Journalist

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