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01. Atelier

Sculptures and Paintings


Via Melzi d’Eril 23 A

This place is a ” Bottega d’Arte “, a typical Italian art Atelier from the historical tradition. The space was historically the location of rest for the coachmen at the service of Villa Melzi’s visitors. Inside this space, the artist Abele Vadacca creates his own inspirations: sketching and sculpting his unique and limited-in number artwork, which always abides by the unique and typical techniques and materials of the Italian tradition. (Here you will find only some pieces) In marble, bronze, gold, terracotta, and wood. 

The entrance is free. We are glad to give you all information about his artwork, and on the basis of your request to organize a meeting with the artist.

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    Via Melzi d’Eril 23 A, 22021 Loppia, Bellagio. Lake Como

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