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01. About

Abele Vadacca

” True artist,  painter and sculptor. Very attentive to ways and forms.
From art he never follows the shadows of others and is so original
That empties the marble making it void,
Like it was immaterial.
Abele is good – and his fame goes up and up”

Giovanni Liscio

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02. Artworks


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03. Esposizione corrente

Current Exhibition

2019 grand hotel villa serbelloni exhibition personal arts , bellagio lago di como lake como

Date: 2019, June 22 nd to July 6 th 

Location: Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni Bellagio

Inauguration: The exhibition of 2019 by Abele Vadacca in Bellagio, in the “sala Breva” at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, full of  new surprises here will be presented the first new unique artworks in gold by the artist. The art becomes  to wear, and the jewel becomes the connection between the art and the person.   

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04. Simboli


The ‘ feathers ‘ collection that haunts the artist for a few years, encloses the essence
of Abele’s artistical philosophy.

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Symbol of Birth, Vitality and Fertility inserted as symbolic element in Vadacca’s sculptures that are full of multiple meanings.

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A conductor on which the whole perception of artistic production is based, becomes an indispensable element in the painting as it is in the sculpture. For Vadacca the volume becomes literally light.

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Symbol of the human existence, represents the path and the daily challenges of the life, the resolution of the problems until the attainment of  own purposes, that  constantly remembers to Seize  and live the moment : Carpe diem , Panta rhei .


Symbol of the life, of the quiet, of knowledge and of wisdom . It represents for Abele the  flow of the time…

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